Monday, March 29, 2010

Strange fact: Black Eyed Peas inspired by Jean Michel Jarre on "Imma be"

In the 70's and 80's, Jean Michel Jarre was a pioneer in the electronic and new age genres. In 2009, the pop band Black Eyed Peas releases a top selling album called The E.N.D. Producer Will.I.Am. said it was "greatly influenced by European electronic music".

 After listening carefully to Black Eyed Peas' single "Imma be", two elements of the song seem to be a reference to Jean Michel Jarre's work:

  • A common synth line
In order to better show you what I mean, I made this sample that starts with the Black Eyed Peas track "Imma Be" then slowly fades out to reveal it's synth line. Then, Jean Michel Jarre's track "Magnetic fields 1" comes in and you will notice that the first chords of the song are exactly those of Imma Be's!

Magnetic Imma Be by andyfavre

Do you hear this: same key, same sound, same chords!

  • The Binoculars
This is a verse from "Imma Be" talking about a billion people watching a show with binoculars:
We can't help that we popular
And all these folks want to flock to us
Come to a show and just rock with us
A million plus with binoculars
But it also sounds like a perfect description of Jean Michel Jarre's album art cover "Equinoxe" (1978) isn't it?

If this is not deliberate, it is a strange coincidence... If anyone knows more about this, I'd be happy to hear ;)

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  1. Not to mention that Jarre in the 80s and 90s regularly performed for one million people, or more. That may also be referenced in the last text line.